Cloud integration Services

  • Data integration
  • Managed data transfer
  • Data virtualisation
  • Managed file transfer

Did you know About Cloud Computing

Our Cloud computing services are ideal for-

Software Developers - Use our cloud as a development and test environment, then move to production.

Online Services & SaaS - Deploy your application on our cloud to ensure it scales and performs. Deploy reliable cloud services to your clients quickly with attractive margins.

Entrepreneurs & Startups - Launch your new product rapidly at low cost with no ongoing commitment.

Telco - Rollout cloud services to your customers in record time

Government - Deploy innovative online services to the public quickly and reliably with low risk.

• We deliver holistic Business On-Demand IT services to businesses of all sizes without the need for them to make major investments in the servers, storage, software, applications and IT support services to install, troubleshoot or manage. We offer highly available, reliable, secure computing solutions at a low monthly cost, with 24x7x365 phone and email support. We deploy reliable cloud computing services to clients quickly.

Setup the perfect technology

Our services focus on processes around flow of data and harmonisation of data. Our cloud services require very little training to set up and administer, and can also be used to synchronize and replicate data between local databases and files as well as to integrate data between cloud-based services. Whether it is data migration, back office or customer masterdata synchronization, or CRM data integration, Netzy Cloud delivers multitenant SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that are powerful and proven, yet easy for users to administer and manage.

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