Our Services

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

SEO is the strategy to market your company or website and our SEO services guarantee your organization enough visibility and put your site at the top of Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Make your presence felt in the Industry by using our tools that have been tested to be working with SEO websites and strengthen your website with quality and unique fresh content, relevant keywords and user friendly features. We have developed the techniques to harmonize your website to make the message clear to your customers and which also get thoroughly read by search engines that your target audience use to reach you.

Conversion rate optimization

Conversion Rate Optimisation or CRO is the process of increasing the conversion rate of your website. A conversion is defined as the act of a visitor completing the desired action, it may be a lead, sale, download or any other action you may require them to take. SEO drives traffic to the site, but conversion optimisation supports site performance by increasing sales, click-through rates and other defined goals. We research your audience optimise the landing pages, do testing and our CRO professionals will generate a findings report that details the strategies employed, changes made, the methodology involved in the changes, and the achievements of strenuous testing.

Web Design

The one stop shop solution to all your web designing needs. Looking for a new, affordable website for your business? Our experienced web design and development team will look after your website project end to end. The internet has now overtaken marketing spending of traditional mediums such as television, radio, and print. This shows that all businesses, whether large corporates or small and medium sized enterprises cannot afford to ignore or pay little attention to online marketing. The Web Design component remains the bottom line of all online marketing strategies. As the industry leader in Web Site Design Service, let us close the gap between your business and your most valuable asset - the consumer.

Web Application Development

The modern business era is at hand and an Internet presence is a key portal to expand business and client base. Our Web based software application development offers you a platform that fuels the performance of your organization, harnessing the Internet to streamline business processes and enhance marketing, sales and stakeholder relationships. Netzy has garnered its strength by providing world class web enabling services and we offer custom software development services that breathe life into your web application. At Netzy we use the following development platforms: LAMP (PHP/PERL/MySQL), ASP.NET, JAVA (J2EE, J2ME), web servers (Apache, Oracle) and databases (MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle).

Mobile Application Development

Our mobile applications enable you to operate beyond the boundaries of your traditional desktop environment for mobile business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-employee (B2E) applications. Netzy offer exceedingly customized mobile applications with imaginative content control such as text, images audio, video, etc and rich functionality. We provide high quality, time bound and cost effective services. Our professionals provide you with advanced mobile application life cycle management and reliable post development support for that added peace of mind.

Cloud integration Services

Around 33% of World Business has today implemented Cloud Integration and this percentage is growing day by day. Our services focus on processes around flow of data and harmonisation of data. Our cloud services require very little training to set up and administer, and can also be used to synchronize and replicate data between local databases and files as well as to integrate data between cloud-based services. Whether it is data migration, back office or customer masterdata synchronization, or CRM data integration, Netzy Cloud delivers multitenant SaaS (Software as a Service) applications that are powerful and proven, yet easy for users to administer and manage.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

Netzy is one of the leading providers of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services, offering a wide range of back office, customer care & support, virtual secretary PA and accounting outsourcing solutions to clients in Australia and worldwide. Aided by world-class infrastructure, business competencies, domain knowledge & expertise and a dedicated group of highly skilled and trained professionals, we are able to provide the best quality outsourcing services to clients. When it comes to BPO Services, Back office Services, Virtual/Remote Assistant Services, and Contact Center Solutions no one compares with Netzy. Entrust all your non-core business functions to us so that you can focus on your primary tasks.

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